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The teeth that have lost their whiteness, colored and lost their aesthetics due to internal or external reasons, can be made more aesthetic and white with various systems.

There are different products for tooth whitening.


** Whitening is basically divided into:

1- Office Bleaching: Clinical dentist-controlled bleaching systems

2 - Home Bleaching: Bleaching systems that the patient can apply at home


The clinician can apply the system in an average of one hour in the clinical environment. Dental calculus is first scaled and cleand  before the bleaching. After all soft tissue is isolated with a light-curing barrier, whitening gel is applied to the teeth and activated with light. The process is repeated two or three times until the desired whiteness is achieved. Supportive home bleaching can be performed with personalized plates prepared by the physician for the success and continuity of whitening.



** After bleaching:

A slight or extreme sensitivity is observed in every patient after bleaching. This sensitivity disappears within three days. The use of analgesics half an hour before the procedure will minimize this sensitivity. Cold foods and drinks should be avoided for the first few days. The use of an anti-sensitizer that my physician recommends will reduce this problem. Especially the first three days (ideally one week ten days) should be avoided with all kinds of coloring foods and drinks (cigarettes, tea, coffee, caramel, turnip, red wine, sour cherry, tomato paste etc). Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and have regular checks every six months, White color lasts long in non smokers and when excessive tea or coffee is not consumed. It can be supported by home type whitening every two to three years.