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Primary teeth vary structurally and morphologically from permanent teeth. The enamel, dentin, pulp structure of primary teeth and the progress of tooth diseases in these structures are different. In addition, the treatment in childhood is also different. For this reason, the diagnosis and treatment methods of these teeth are different.

 Children should be approached differently from adult patients. Pedagogy education is very important in this sense. Children are often more difficult than adults in terms of co-operation and the application of treatment. For this reason,  the treatments should be provided by a pedodontist to allow the child to undergo a good dental experiens and perfect dental treatment.

The treatments applied to children in this section are as follows:

1-Treatments for remedying the problems

-Treatment of Dental caries

-Tooth extraction

-Treatment of broken traumatised teeth

- Canal treatment

-Crown covarage for teeth with extensive stractural loss

-Cleaning of colorations in the teeth


2- Protective practices

-Oral hygiene education

-Fluor applications

-Fissure sealant applications

- Protective orthodontic applications

-Space maintaner applications

** In order to prevent dental and oral health problems, children should be examined when the first primary tooth is errupted or before they become more than one year old. Children need to check their dentist every three months.