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Orthodontic treatment can be fixed or removable.    


1-Fixed treatments

Brackets application: Bracket treatment consists of using arch wires, brackets and rubbers. Because of the created mechanic by these materials a force of stress and strain is created between the teeth leading them to change their places gradually. To achieve the desired result the brackets should be checked on a regular basis, and the necessary adjustments are made.

- Fixed space maintainer: They are used when there is early loss of a single primary tooth to prevent the adjacent teeth from tipping toward the gap until the successor tooth comes out.


2- Mobile appliances: Orthodontic appliances that are followed and controlled by the patients themselves.

 -RPE Rapid Palatal Expansion: an appliance provide Rapid expansion of the upper jaw.


-Retainer: Transparent platets used instead of the brackets and wires to reallign the teeth.

-removable space maintaner: They have the same function as fixed space maintaner. However, It is used in situations where multiple teeth are missing.

-Removable Space maintaner: Passive apparatus used to maintain the position of the teeth when the treatment ends.

-Headgear:  is a type of orthodontic appliance attached to the patient's head with a neck strap or a number of straps around the patients head. The device typically transfers the force to the teeth via a facebow or J hooks to the patients dental braces or a palatal expander that aids in correcting more severe bite problems or is used in retention of the teeth and jaws of the patient.